Training Videos

This page will store all training videos in a central location.
The series of videos below document my weave pole training journal with Griff. Enjoy!

Weave Pole Video 1 - June 15, 2011

Weave Pole Video 2 - June 20, 2011

Weave Pole Video 3 - June 29, 2011

Weave Pole Video 4 - July 13, 2011

Weave Pole Video 5 - July 14, 2011

Weave Pole Video 6 - July 20, 2011

No videos between July 20th and September 9th. Things were a little hectic during this time, it was the first month of my residency. Griff and I did work his weave poles, I just wasn't taking video! I also took a fantastically long (and over due!) vacation and Griff stayed with Deb Normal and her crew for an ENTIRE 18 DAYS! It was torture to be away from the little bugger for so long, but he had an absolute blast! So while I was on vacation, Griff got to go to doggy camp. He loved romping around with his buddies. He came back in even better shape than when I sent him! He turned into a lean, mean (not really) fighting (not really) machine because he was burning lots of calories running around with 8+ other border collies, on about 5 acres with a pond! 

Actually, I got some lovely feedback from Deb (for those of you who don't know her, is founder of Y2K9's Sports Club and founder of a fabulous fly ball team Fur Fun! She is well known in the doggy world.) Anyway, Deb gave me some great feedback about Griff, noting that he was truly one of the most well behaved guests she has had in awhile. I believe the first intact male who has never marked in her home, no resource guarding (wouldn't expect him to, he never has shown those tendencies), easy in the crate, was BEST FRIENDS and great play mates with her young 4 month old BCxWhippet cross, (self handicapped appropriately), came when called, even curled up by her feet for some loving! He EVEN made it to the "inner circle" enough to be allowed on the BED! All in all, Griff did a fantastic job and I am so grateful that I have friends like Deb who I can leave him with, and know, 100% that he is having a blast with people who "get him." 

Weave Pole Video 7 - September 9, 2011

Weave Pole Video 8 - September 28, 2011

Weave Pole Video 9 - September 29, 2011

Weave Pole Video 10 - September 30, 2011

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